“She Truly Cares for Her Clients”

– Lisette Campbell, Health Coach

What’s it Like to Work with Me?

She Has Helped Me Become Visible to a Global Audience

“Before working with Elle, I was a hot freaking mess. My days were spent frantically working in my business, instead of taking the necessary action to move it forward. I saw the big picture, but was too distracted by shiny objects to get focused on taking action on the things that would generate large revenue without working 24/7.

I was also struggling to organically build my list of soulmate clients – or even how to find them, communicate with them frequently, and provide value.

Don’t get me wrong – I was building a business and making a little profit, but nothing, NOTHING like I am now since working with Elle.

She has gotten me organized, she has helped me become visible to a global audience, she has helped me feel more peaceful and less stressed about the future of my business by reminding me to live in the present… and my revenue has grown!

Elle is the whole package: business mentor, operations manager, designer, mindset coach, social media marketing whiz. ​I owe much of my business success – and peace of mind – to working with her!”

-Kate Jaramillo, Ketogenic Lifestyle Expert & Wellness Mentor, Ketogenic Living 101

I Have Been Incredibly Focused and Driven

“I thank the Universe for bringing Elle and I together. Since our soul to soul call, I have been incredibly focused and driven on the elements of my Bizness that needed intimate TLC. Elle effortlessly reached out, held the essence of my light and created space for me to uncover some of my buried treasure. This has helped me earn big and honour myself in truly sensational and exciting ways. Elle truly captured my brand of magic and helped me to share it with confidence and pride. I’ve never received feedback with such love, patience and zero judgement until working with Elle. When in her domain, fear simply cannot exist, only light, only love. INCREDIBLE.”

Megan Robinson, Intuitive Business Coach, UK

I was Immediately Comforted and Encouraged

“Where do I begin?

From the moment I was introduced to Elle, she had already encouraged me to take the next step forward in my passion to health coach.

I was scared, overwhelmed with a little excitement, and she drew out the excitement by speaking vision into me. I was immediately comforted and encouraged by seeing the big picture, versus fear in the moment.

What can I say? We hit it off! I knew that Elle was God sent and was part of the answer to my journey in establishing my very own business. She provided the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I had a tight deadline to launch my landing page and Elle diligently worked it all out in a speedy manner, exceeding my expectations of the services she offers.

Her availability and responsiveness reiterated the value and gift that she is. I can’t emphasize enough how refreshing it was to work with her, because she truly cares for her clients and works in their best interest. 

No salesy tactics, but heartfelt efforts was a breath of fresh air. I look forward to continuing to work with her as the next stages of my passion unfolds. She is a key asset to anyone who desires to pursue their dreams and defuses fear, by offering clarity, insight and empowerment. Thank you, thank you and thank you Elle for believing in me and bringing vision to life! You are a vital part of the equation ”

-Lisette Campbell, Health Coach, Health as Designed

Expertise and Insights to Shift Your Dream to Reality

“For anyone wanting accountability, top notch quality and support that will see you through to your dreams, then look no further than Boss Lady Generation Mastermind. It is headed by a woman of passion, vision and inspiration to help you to become all that you can be, Elle Westley. Elle has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and insights that will help you shift your dream to reality and she has the heart to really hear where you need support and has an arsenal of strategies to get you there. The added bonus is you will also make new connections and friendships, from the other high calibre women in the group. Don’t think; Just do!”

-Dani Andersen, Limitation Liberator and Power Coach, DaniAndersen.com, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind

Any Chance to Work with Elle this Closely Shouldn’t be Passed up

“Elle Westley is a generous GENIUS!  Her ideas, her creativity, her business strategy, her compassion, I could truly go on, but you get the point. These qualities were what made masterminding with Elle an absolute gift and truly treasured time for me.  Not only did Elle help me to feel truly empowered to continue pursuing my mission and purpose, but she (and the other amazing masterminds!) helped to light up my road for me.  I promise that you will get SO MUCH MORE out of this mastermind than you ever imagined, and any chance to work with Elle this closely should just not be passed up.  Ever.”

-Marissa Dragoo, Attorney and Leadership Coach, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind

Elle is a Wonderful Leader

“I had no idea how much I would enjoy the mastermind… in fact, I was pretty fuzzy on what a mastermind was when I first joined. But it was wonderful being part of a group of women with so many different backgrounds and talents. They introduced me to a world of resources that I never knew existed. We’re there to cheer each other on and support each other in the challenges. Elle is a wonderful leader and I sense her genuine desire to see each of us succeed. The only time I have regretted the advice of her and the others is when I didn’t take it! It’s easy to feel isolated in the world of online business, but a mastermind is a real, intimate community who has your back.”

​-Donna Marie Buchanan, Artist & Founder, Spinning Daydreams, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind

Awesome and Supportive

“Being part of the mastermind was helpful to get support and advice not only from Elle (who is awesome and supportive and understands business really well), but also from all the other smart business women involved. It’s always such a good thing to get other people’s take as it’s sometimes hard to take a step back and see things from a different perspective or get some kind of confirmation we are on the right track. I really enjoyed being part of it and recommend it to any business owner.”

​-Josee Brisebois, Personal Stylist, WeCanStyle.com, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind​

Celebrating Women Living in God’s Purpose

“For the most part I was watching and listening from a far. However far away I may have been or seemed, the impact and inspiration that was being poured into my life and dreams gave me the courage to step out in faith and really give it a go. So here I am now, the one who watched from afar I have now launched and founded the organisation She is Called. Celebrating women living in God’s purpose. And by God’s grace and strength as well as the inspiration and support I got through watching Elle and being involved with the masterminds, here I am!”

-Aneta Baker, CEO and Founder, She is Called, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind​

Support & Guidance

“Through the BLG mastermind group, I received a lot of support & guidance with regards to my biz marketing goals (resources, next steps etc.). I enjoyed the constant encouragement & inspirational reminders from the members too. It was awesome to be a part of this group.”

​-Minol Shamreen, Interior Designer, Studio M Home Staging & Design, Former member of Boss Lady Generation Mastermind​​

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